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Intellicad 7.2d released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 7.2d Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 300+ fixes that were implemented since the 7.2c release.

Working with drawing files

  • Improved file conversion process for 2013 .dwg file versions.
  • Fixed issue with SAVEAS command on Windows 7 x64 operating systems.
  • Several improvements to PDF export.
  • File security improved.

Performance improvements

  • Selection performance improved in large drawings, including those with many groups or hyperlinks.
  • Dragging performance improved, including extents drawn when using COPY and COPYCLIP.
  • Improved speed performance when printing 3D visual styles in viewports.


  • Issue fixed when printing gradients.
  • Fixed issues when printing and previewing drawings with rotated views.
  • Improvements to printing in color.
  • Fixed reported issues when printing MTEXT.

Selecting and viewing

  • Fixed display issues in read-only drawings.
  • Fixed reported display issues when zooming.
  • Fixed display issues that previously required REGEN.
  • Fixed REGEN issues.

Snapping and tracking

  • Entity snapping fixed when osmode = 0.
  • Fixes for snap accuracy.
  • Fixes for reported issues with Perpendicular Snap and Parallel Snap.


  • Negative oblique angle fixed when using DDEDIT.
  • Fixed usage of current text style for multiline text.
  • Fixed Text Fit option.
  • Background color can now be turned off in the Multiline Text dialog box.


  • Image Scale value fixed.
  • Fixed text direction.


  • Fix for LISP (entmod) when setting owner of an object.
  • SDS fixes, including: executing commands after using sds_ssgetwithprompt from modeless dialog.
  • Many fixes for VBA, including: Mirror3d method, AddRegion method, get_PrincipalDirections method implemented, GetPoint method, Document.Import and Document.Export, insertBlock method, object.transformby.
  • Developer Reference Help File (ITC_IDR.CHM): Added SDS and VBA migration recommendations for migrating applications built for IntelliCAD 6.x to IntelliCAD 7.x versions. Also updated SDS and VBA examples in the documentation.

More fixes

  • Added network floating licensing support.
  • Fixed localized versions that were not accepting some command options.
  • Fix for moving rotated dimensions.
  • Fixed issue when using Dim Continue on Dim Ordinate with a different UCS.
  • Fixed PLINE ARC drawn with negative angles in clockwise direction.
  • Fixed importing of a Google surface.
  • Added Bind option to Explorer > External References.
  • System variables fixed to be read-only: LOCALROOTPREFIX, MYDOCUMENTSPREFIX, and ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX.
  • Explode command fixed for 3D faces.
  • EXPLAYOUTS fixed for importing and exporting layouts to/from drawing templates.
  • Grid density improvements.
  • Render improvements for CAMERADISPLAY and LIGHTGLYPHDISPLAY.
  • SECTION fixed for creating regions using 2DPOLYLINE.
  • Fix for attribute selection order.
  • Fixes for extruding polylines and regions.
  • Fixes for stretching dimension text.
  • Hatch area calculations improved.
  • Fixed issue during layout viewing/switching when LAYOUTREGENCTL = 1.

New system variables