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Intellicad 8.0a released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 8.0a Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 100+ fixes that were implemented since the 8.0 release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed reported cases where files could not be opened properly.
  • Issues with exporting to DWF format fixed.


  • Fixed cases when extra lines were added while using the Text command.
  • Fixed issues with outputted multiline text.
  • Improvements to Multiline Text editor, including ruler display and cursor starting point.

Modifying entities

  • Fixes during move and dragging operations.
  • Flatten command improvements.
  • Fillet command fixed when using for non-convex polylines and also when FILLETRAD is greater than an arc\'s possible radius.


  • DDE interface supported, allowing the running of scripts outside of IntelliCAD.
  • LISP file path fixed when using only one path.
  • LISP (textbox) and (sds_textbox) fixed when working with different text styles.
  • LISP and SDS fill_image fixed to handle colors with index > 7.
  • Crash fixed when unloading SDS application.

More fixes

  • Point clouds are now supported.
  • LIST command fixes for point cloud entities.
  • Quick Select dialog improvements.
  • Several fixes for layer filters.
  • -PURGE command includes regapp option.
  • Fixed crash scenario when switching to 3d hidden, realistic, or conceptual view in large drawings.
  • Fixed image display in some cases when FASTIMAGEDRAW is set to 0.
  • Customization added to Tools > Options > Paths/Files tab for placing script locations that are to be used during startup.
  • Fixes for working with .cui menu files.
  • APPLOAD dialog contain .NET plug-in filter.
  • ETRACK fixed when working in NWUCS.
  • Color setting in .pc3 files fixed.
  • Angular dimensions fixed for non-coplanar lines.
  • Zooming fixed for PDF OLE objects.