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Intellicad 8.1a released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 8.1a Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Bug Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 100+ fixes that were implemented since the 8.1 release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed reported cases where files could not be opened properly.
  • Fixed several issues for working with .dgn files.

User interface

  • Fixed toolbar appearance and text display at high display resolutions.
  • Several fixes for working with the ribbon.
  • Fixed resizing of floating toolbars.


  • Fixed display issue when using UNDO after a hatch grip edit.
  • Fixed associative boundary hatches when a boundary is a polyline.
  • Corrected hatch boundary associativity when dragging a hatch, using a grip point, and canceling changes.
  • Several more hatch fixes.


  • LISP (redraw) fixed to ignore erased entities.
  • LISP (grread) fixed when calling the ERROR function.
  • Fixed grips and highlighted entities when calling the SELECT command from SDS/LISP.
  • ORTHOGONAL command (defined as local variable in LISP) fixed.

More fixes

  • Fixed display issue when inserting external references.
  • EXPLODE command enhanced.
  • Fixed reported crashes for difference scenarios when using the EXPLODE, PLOT,
  • Enhancements made to working with workspaces.
  • Fixed group designation for the -TOOLBAR command.
  • Fixes for grip editing.
  • Fixed display of viewport properties in the Properties pane.
  • Fixed the default option for the PYRAMID command.
  • Fixed PASTEORIG when working with multiple layouts.
  • Fixed Zoom Extents when displaying multiline text.