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Intellicad 8.1b released by intellicad technology consortium

IntelliCAD 8.1b Released By IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the new 140+ fixes that were implemented since the 8.1a release.

Working with drawing files

  • Fixed reported cases where files could not be opened or saved properly.
  • Fixed several issues for working with .dgn files.
  • Fixed lineweights issue when exporting to a .pdf file.

User interface

  • Several fixes for working with the ribbon, including: ribbon display, ribbon color when TBCOLOR=0, combobox controls, and more.
  • Fixed display of user interface elements when using a large display resolution.
  • Added a new workspace: View and Mark-up.
  • Several fixes for toolbars and separators.
  • XPLODE command was added to the menu, toolbar, and ribbon.


  • Fixed reported issues with grips, including: grip points in PERSPECTIVE drawings, hatch grips, and working in the command bar while grip editing.
  • Fixed issue with entity snapping in perspective view.


  • Fixed issues when calling (menucmd) after MENULOAD in LISP with BUILUIASYNC enabled.
  • Fixes for .NET API.
  • Fixed issue with enabled and disabled VBA macros.

More fixes

  • Fixed issue when using SCALELISTEDIT.
  • Fixed use of Reset All in Customize dialog box.
  • Fixed use of Reset on the Options > Profiles tab.
  • Fixed issue with workspaces after importing a .cui file.
  • Fixed issues with lofting entities.
  • Fixed issues with sweeping along a helix and also 3D entities.
  • Fixed the setting of different locations for an annotation block in different annotation scales.
  • New BCOUNT command was added.
  • Fixed printing images with different Brightness settings.
  • Fixes for XPLODE command.
  • Fixes for Match Properties.
  • New CORK, STARS, HONEY, and HOUND hatch patterns were added.