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Intellicad 8.2a version released by itc

IntelliCAD 8.2a Version Released By ITC

Important Fixes:

The following list details some of the 125+ fixes that were implemented since the 8.2 release on 7/1/2016.

Working with files

  • Several fixes for working with .dgn files, including some issues with zooming, selection, and panning, and new support of several SDS and LISP functions.

Editing entities

  • Dimscale for leaders is now editable in Properties pane.
  • Fixed ability to select all entities for a cutting point when trimming hatch entities.

Entity snapping

  • Fixed snapping issue to zero-length polyline.
  • Fixed snapping to point nodes when PDMODE!=0.
  • Fixed display of entity snaps after a layer freeze.


  • In certain scenarios multiline text disappeared while editing. This issue has been fixed.
  • Revised the format of the panel layout for multiline text.


  • Fixed Apply to Layout option when using Print Preview.
  • Fixed issue with missing text during printing and print preview.
  • Fixed viewport content that was previously printed at the wrong scale.

External references and blocks

  • Fixed issue with nested xrefs.
  • You can now double-click a block or external reference to run the REFEDIT command.
  • Fixed a display issue with user defined dimension arrows in an external reference.

More fixes

  • New Direct Distance Entry feature allows you to enter a distance in the direction of your cursor when specifying the next point.
  • Implemented RIBBON and RIBBONCLOSE commands.
  • The UNDO and -PAN commands are fixed while using a maximized viewport (VPMAX command).
  • MVIEW scale and view location are fixed while using the VPMAX and VPMIN commands.
  • Fixed DDEDIT command for editing the format of dimension text.
  • Fixed issue with the TIME command.
  • Fixed how IntelliCAD Explorer updates the list of layers when filtering layers.
  • Fixed CTRL+J and CTRL+M to repeat the previous command.
  • Implemented the FILTERS command.
  • Fixed issue with display of Korean fonts.