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New features & important fixes in intellicad 8.3

New Features & Important Fixes In IntelliCAD 8.3

New Features in IntelliCAD 8.3

Working with files

  • Search for files when using the Open Dialog by clicking Tools > Find

  • new eTransmit Feature
  • Point Cloud Import features enhanced
  • Several improvements on .dgn file features


  • Hatch patterns now support GRADIENT HATCH
  • All New Boundary Hatch Dialog
  • HATCHTOBACK command moves hatches to the back of the draw order

User interface

  • Show drawings on individual tabs in the main IntelliCAD window.
  • For versions of IntelliCAD with a ribbon, workspaces are now easily accessible on the Quick Access toolbar.
  • Easily save workspaces by clicking Workspaces in the status bar and choosing Save Current As.
  • The Drawing Settings command has improved user interface that uses tabs instead of drop-down lists that were used previously.
  • Added -MENUUNLOAD command line version.

More features

  • Select entities by creating filters using the Filter command. New FILTER DIALOG added.
  • When using the Print command, you can now select print transparency.


  • IntelliCAD 8.3 uses Teigha version 4.2.0 from Open Design Alliance.
  • Major LISP upgrade (VL*, VLA*, VLAX* functions). Many new functions added.

System variables


Important Bug Fixes in IntelliCAD 8.3

Text and multiline text

  • Several fixes for working with the new multiline text editor.
  • Fixed specific drag issue for multiline text.
  • Fixed display of text during insertion when rotation angle is greater than 0.
  • Fixed issue with annotative text styles.
  • Several user interface fixes made to the Text dialog box.


  • Fixed issue with dimension style overrides.
  • Fixed crash scenario when editing a dimension style in IntelliCAD Explorer.


  • Fixed document name to contain layout name when using the Publish command.
  • Fixed issue with saving print stamp settings.

PDF export

  • Fixed issue when exporting all layouts to PDF.
  • Fixed issue with 3D Hidden and Realistic visual styles when exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed issue when exporting non-ACIS entities to 3D PDF.


  • Fix for .NET C# code inserting images.
  • Fix for lisp (vl-sort nil \'<).
  • Fix for menu lisp files that only loaded when the menu was first loaded.
  • Fix for VBA ColorMethod method.

More fixes

  • Many improvements made for running IntelliCAD on 4k displays.
  • Several fixes for working with .dgn files.
  • Fixed specific crash when using COPYCLIP and PASTECLIP with some 3D entities.
  • Several fixes for editing entities with the Fillet command.
  • Improved speed with converting certain .dwg files to .dgn files.
  • Fixed color issue with certain solids.
  • Fix for SENDFEEDBACK command.
  • Fixed issues reported rendering with Artisan.
  • Fixed 3DORBIT with set rotation point in UCS.
  • Fixed .mnu export/import issue for toolbars.
  • Fixed issue with leader creation.
  • Fixed LENGTHEN when working with circles.
  • Several fixes for selecting entities using grips, including displaying grips after editing and memory issues.
  • Several fixes for perspective mode view.