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New features & improvements in intellicad 8.4


IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) announced the release of thier new version IntelliCAD 8.4. Below is a detailed list of Improvements and Bug Fixes compared to IntelliCAD 8.3a.

New Features:


  • Improved entity snap performance in drawings with underlays.
  • Improved redraw performance when creating and updating entities in a drawing that has a large number of existing entities.

Working with files

  • Attach IFC underlays (for versions of IntelliCAD that support working with BIM files). IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format files include building and construction data. Once the .ifc underlay is attached, you can explode it, snap to it, and use the IFCPANE command to open a Categories pane to control visibility.

  • For IntelliCAD versions that support markup for .dgn files in their native format, several new features are available such as loading blocks from .cel files, Array command, Fillet command, and more.

  • Use the new Drawing Properties command to display properties for a drawing, some of which can be modified such as keywords and comments.

User interface

  • Running IntelliCAD on a 4K monitor and switching between monitors with high resolutions is greatly improved.
  • A new Customize dialog box allows for easier customization of the user interface. Use it to customize menus; the ribbon, application button, and quick access toolbar (for IntelliCAD versions that support a ribbon); toolbars; keyboard shortcuts; and aliases. You can also easily manage .cui customization files and share settings between files.

Creating entities

  • Draw a polyline that has a breakline symbol using the new Break Line command.
  • Draw leaders using the new Quick Leader command, or draw multileaders using the new Multileader command. You can edit, align, and collect multileaders. You can also create and assign styles to multileaders, which help control the layout and appearance of multileaders.
  • Use the new Multiline Styles command allows you to create and modify multiline styles, which help control the layout and appearance of multilines.

Selecting and modifying entities

  • Search for entities that match properties of other entities using the new Select Similar command. The entities with properties that match are then added to the selection set.
  • The new Explode Attributes command ungroups blocks, creating separate entities for each element and converting attributes to text.
  • The new Get Selection command selects all entities in a drawing that match both the layer of an entity you select and the type of an entity you select.


  • The in-place Multiline Text editor now supports line spacing, lists, and paragraph justification.
  • Use the new Explode Text command to break multiline text and single-line text into polylines.
  • The new Auto Number command adds numbering to text, multiline text, multileaders, or block attributes.

More features

  • New Filter option for the -LAYER command.
  • New hatch patterns are available.
  • New linetypes are available.

System variables


Important Bug Fixes & Improvements:

Working with files

  • Several fixes for opening and saving specific drawing files.
  • WMFOUT fixed for solid hatches.

Text and multiline text

  • Several fixes for working with the in-place multiline text editor, including: lost italic setting, underline and overline, SHX fonts, and more.
  • Fixed issue with text styles that used substituted fonts.
  • Several fixes for stacked text.


  • Fixed print stamp issue when entities are assigned a non-default color.


  • DCL: Fix for dlg_set_tile() / dlg_get_tile().
  • IRX: Fix for IcadEditor::docInstanceFrameMovedOrResized() reactor called before setting WNDLMDI, fix for ignoring IRX module lock if unloaded with incomplete path.

More fixes

  • Fixed issue with hatch patterns and linetypes when switching between Imperial and ISO.
  • Fixed Increment/Decrement button when defining blocks.
  • Fixed issue with the OLEHIDE system variable.
  • Several fixes for working with hatches, including an Add option fix and preserving color when editing.
  • Several fixes for the Find command.
  • Snapping while grip editing 3d polylines now respects OSNAPZ.
  • Fixed crash issue when using CUTCLIP with a rectangle.
  • Fixed viewport display of entities with transparency.
  • Fixed issue with joining lines and polylines.
  • Fixed several issues with trimming and extending lines.
  • Fixed specific crash issue when working with angular dimensions.
  • Some entities (3D faces) were not visualized in Artisan Rendering; this is fixed.
  • Fixed issues related to working with entities in NWUCS.
  • Regeneration issue with PDF underlays during zoom/pan has been fixed.

ActCAD is a commercial member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium and active involment in Development, Testing and Bug Fixes. ActCAD 2018 versions are now available based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.4 engine.