ActCAD 2018 New Patch 8.3.365 Released

ActCAD announces the release of new maintenance patch 8.3.365 for below versions based on most latest IntelliCAD 8.3 Technology:

Below are detailed Release Notes for this Maintenance Patch Release:

Fixed - [PATCH] Layer combobox displays wrong layer
Fixed - [PATCH] [RIBBONUI] Contextual tab appears selecting many objects type
Fixed - Unable to move 2 grips coincident for polylines
Fixed - Moving grips with Ortho active, the ortho prevail on esnap
Fixed - Move entities with Grips is wrong along the Z axis and esnap
Fixed - When grip move a 3d polyline vertex, don\'t set Z to zero
Fixed - Documentation update
Fixed - MText grip editing needs rewrite as an overrule instead of a protocol extension
Fixed - [Feedback] Printing from paperspace using any visual style other than "2D Wireframe" causes malfunction in output