Best Alternative to AutoCAD

Why should you choose ActCAD?

You don’t want to pay a hefty yearly subscription fee for your CAD software, right? That is how ActCAD is different from most other CAD software. It has a lot of advantages for you, especially if you are running a small business, or just an individual consultancy. It provides a good return on investment, because it is affordable, yet quite easy to operate. As an alternative to AutoCAD, ActCAD has all its benefits and advantages listed below:

  • 1. Compatibility of Data and File Format –

    Since the 1980s, AutoCAD has been using DWG and DXF file format, the former spawning several versions of its own, like the R2, R3, 2010, 2013, 2018, 2024 etc. Now, migrating these file formats without using any file conversion software is a must.

    ActCAD supports all these file formats, and all their versions, natively, without any loss of data, as it uses the Open Design Alliance(ODA) technology to read and write dwg and dxf files.

  • 2. Familiar User Interface –

    No one likes to learn a completely different CAD software from scratch!

    ActCAD uses the IntelliCAD Technology which develops major CAD interfaces and commands, providing a familiar user interface to existing AutoCAD users, with varied customization options as well. Users have access to a Quick Start Guide, and a completely in-built help option.

  • 3. Pricing –

    Unless you are a big CAD professional with unlimited budget, upgrading your software every year might be difficult. Autodesk has been pushing this idea for quite some time now.

    ActCAD’s license is valid for a lifetime. Upgrade to the latest version only if you really want to.

  • 4. Technical support –

    – Using a new CAD software can lead to you requiring a lot of technical support and help

    ActCAD users can avail free technical support through email, a self – help system on the support page for regular queries, and receive direct support from the company in addition to the regional dealers.

  • 5. Product Updates –

    Product updates for any CAD software is extremely important as it keeps the product relevant to the latest technological enhancements in the industry, especially in AutoCAD.

    That is why, ActCAD users can avail new versions every year, and new updates almost every month. Streamlining development through almost 500 man-months every year, ActCAD allows its latest IntelliCAD engine to add all new features and enhancements. Performance optimization and new command additions are a given.

  • 6. Trustworthiness and stability –

    How can you decide the best AutoCAD alternative without checking its stability and trustworthiness, right?

    The parent company of ActCAD has been around since 2006. With a market share spanning over 60 countries, and continuous expansions into new countries, we can boast of great stability and profit margins, maintained by highly qualified engineers.

  • 7. Genuineness –

    The CAD market is flooded with software which are not genuine, and are sometimes using illegally obtained copyrighted technology. The best alternative for AutoCAD has to be a software which doesn’t fall under this category.

    ActCAD uses the latest IntelliCAD engine, as its parent company is a member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium which is a US-based member-driven non-profit organization. Apart from this, we use a lot of internally developed technologies and modules from some third party companies. We pay royalties to all our partners for using their technologies. Please read more about ActCAD legal information

    You need a software that provides you the best alternative to AutoCAD, and that is ActCAD. You can download a no-obligation and fully-functional trial. Try, believe and buy the software. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee without asking any questions.

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