ActCAD Privacy Policy

  • What is the GDPR?

    The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. The GDPR's primary aim is to give individuals control over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.[1] Superseding the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, the regulation contains provisions and requirements related to the processing of personal data of individuals (formally called data subjects in the GDPR) who are located in the EEA, and applies to any enterprise—regardless of its location and the data subjects' citizenship or residence—that is processing the personal information of individuals inside the EEA.

    The GDPR was adopted on 14 April 2016, and became enforceable beginning 25 May 2018. As the GDPR is a regulation, not a directive, it is directly binding and applicable, but does provide flexibility for certain aspects of the regulation to be adjusted by individual member states.

  • To whom GDPR apply?

    All websites and entities that control or process the data of EU citizens, the GDPR is applicable to them irrespective of their location of legal business presence.

    Both EU and non-EU businesses who (i) market their products to people in the EU or who (ii) monitor the behavior of people in the EU should comply with GDPR guidelines and regulations

    All such business entities should work to assess their own data collection and storage practices to ensure that their business practices comply with the GDPR regulations.

  • Is ActCAD Website GDPR compliant?

    Yes, ActCAD Website is GDPR compliant. We ask user information if they intend to download our software or to contact us through contact form. We take utmost care to protect the user data submitted on this website.

    However, filling such forms and submitting data is purely optional for the user.

  • 1. Definitions

    Please make a note of some of the important words specific to this website are mentioned below which are used on this page:

    • * "Program" refers to our software application which is primarily ActCAD.
    • * "Programs" refers to our software applications, including ActCAD Professional, ActCAD BIM, ActCAD Standard, TrueCAD Premium, ActCAD Nesting etc. Please refer to our website for complete list of our products and solutions
    • * "Installer" refers to the program that installs our Programs in user computers.
    • * "Soure Code" refers to original software codes used to compile our software applications
    • * "ActCAD Website" refers to our web site, our company, our products, our services, or a combination of all or some of the preceding definitions, depending on the context in which the word is used.
    • * "Service" refers to the services that we provide, including our Site, our Programs, our Installer and our Custom Development Services.
    • * "Site" refers to our websites which include,,
    • * "User" refers to anyone who uses our Program, Installer, Site, or Service in general.
    • * "You" refers to you, the person who is governed by this GDPR Privacy Policy.
  • 2. Information we collect

    Identifying Information

    When you attempt our software download or submit form on our site, we collect certain personal information from you that can be used to identify you, including any information that we deem necessary to provide you with our Service or which you may provide to us voluntarily. The information we collect from you, to the extent that it is private, is disclosed only in accordance with our Terms of Service and/or this Privacy Policy.

    Non-identifying information

    Whenever you visit our Site, we may collect non-identifying information from you, such as your IP address, referring URL, browser, operating system, cookie information etc. Please note that these details are not useful to derive any of your personal details. We do not use this data to indirectly derive any of your personal information.

    Computer information

    Some Programs and their Installers send anonymous information to ActCAD Website servers. This anonymous information includes a the hardware id of your computer, its name which is used to install our software. We need these details to generate license file for that computer.

  • 3. How we handle your information?

    • To send more details to use our products and solutions
    • To improve our site further to meet the user needs
    • To improve our software features
    • To send technical information, license details, newsletters, promotional offers to you. However, you can unsubscribe our messages any time.
    • Take all measures to protech your details in our system
    • Share with our local product Dealer or Distributor
    • We do not reveal your details with any third party companies not related to our business.
    • We will delete your data if you send a written request for the same at any time
  • 4. Website Security

    All our sites are secured by SSL certificates to securely transmit data from your browser to our server. Futher, we run virus and malware checks reular on our website.

  • 5. Updating your information

    To change your email address, email us both your old and new email addresses.

  • 6. To remove your details from our system

    • You can unsubscribe to our emails any time by clicking a link
    • You can send a request to us to delete your details from our system
  • 7. Third-party websites

    This site has links to some third party websites. Whenever you click those links make sure to check the security and privacy policies of those sites. We do not take any responsibility of third party websites.

  • 8. Third-party access to your information

    We use third party technologies like web hosting, email delivery etc. Thus the information provided will be stored on a web hosting server maintained by some third pary agency. Also note that whenever we send an email through external SMTP service, they might store the logs for their track purpose.

    It is, therefore, necessary that you grant the third parties we may use in the course of our business the same rights that you afford us under this Privacy Policy. For this reason, you hereby agree that for every authorization which you grant to us in this Privacy Policy, you also grant to any third party that we use.

    For marketing purposes we use other third party services like Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Pixels, Microsoft Bing Ads etc. If you do not want to allow their acripts, you can enable Ad blockers or other browser extensions to prevent their actions. Our site can be used without any problems even if you diable those third party scripts.

    You hereby agree not to hold us liable for any misuse of information by these third party service providers.

  • 9. Release of Your Information for Legal purposes

    If we receive any request from a Government agency or attorneys or private litigants to release our user information, we have to disclose your information to them for further actions. It is a compulsory requirement from our end to meet the legal requirements. Hence you hereby agree that we may disclose your information to a third party where we believe, in good faith, that it is desirable to do so for a civil action, criminal investigation, or other legal matter.

    In may proactively report you of any such events in writing for any actions from your end against them.

    You herey by agree that you release us from any damages that may arise from or relate to the release of your information to a request from law enforcement agencies or private litigants.

  • 10. Our communications with you

    By providing your information on this Site you are authorizing us or our Dealers to communicate with you in permitted modes. You hereby waive all rights to file complaints concerning unsolicited emails from us or anyone else covered under this Privacy Policy.

    However, you may unsubscribe from certain communications by contacting us that you no longer wish to receive any more communication from us and to remove your information from our database.

  • 11. Security measures

    We take all measures to maintain the security of our site. However, we make no representations as to the security or privacy of your information. Hence we advise you enable security measures in your browser while accessing our website from any unexpected threats.

  • 12. International transfer

    We, Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd., are operating from India. If you utilize our Services from any other country, your personal data is transferred across International borders. The privacy laws of India may be different from your country, hence you need to decide and accept our Privacy policy before using our site.

    Furhter, we may share your contact details to our Authorized Dealers nearer to you to provide you service and support.

  • 13. Cookies

    A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer tied to information about the user. We do not have cookies directly from our website to collect any user information. However, some third party cookies like Google analyticals, Google ads, Bings Ads, Facebook pixels etc. may collect some information from your browser. You can complete freedome to block such cookies in your browser. Also we suggest you not to allow any cookies to store your confidential information like passwords, financial data etc.

    The information we normally collect is the referring website and ip address of user.

    We strongly advise you not to save any form data by your browser or its extensions.

    You must ensure all security features in your browser before using our website.

  • 14. Do we allow GDPR Data Access Requests?

    Yes, we allow all our site visitors to request for GDPR data access specific to them.

  • 16. Amendments

    We may revise our Privacy Policy terms from time to time. All changes will be available on this site so that can check the updated terms at any time.

Feel free to contact us if you need any more details about this privacy document.

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