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ActCAD Software Reviews

In the panorama of alternatives to Autocad, I deepened the Intellicad world and I decided to try Actcad also for the very favorable cost, I also wanted the possibility of using the Cad on multiple computers and this was a prerogative of Actcad. The clean interface and continuous updates make Actcad a software that keeps up with the technical evolution. Fast and professional assistance, maximum attention to the customer even with only one license.

Luigi Bestetti

The program offers the same functions as much more expensive products. He has a perpetual license, not some subscription. There are no great hardware requirements, but on strong equipment it develops wings. Supports 32/64 bit Microsoft Windows systems at Windows Vista. It has a multilingual interface. Very good price, modern services and functions, good producer support and frequent updates. It has an interface similar to AutoCAD

Mariusz Ostrowski

Act Cad is very helpful in achieving our needs. We appreciate it !! I like it has got all features. I like its uncomparable pricing offers with out compromise. More importantly we never felt any issues while using till now. Cost is the foremost benefit. Other benefit which is equally important is affordable to everyone. Hassle free from monthly subscription. I am really satisfied although I used it only for measurements. good producer support and frequent updates. I hope to buy in the future

Sandeep DK

AIt's a good program considering other CAD Software available in the market. They should work on some. Very cost effective ,Life time license,.dwg compatible,Can support any version file of AutoCAD. Block library is there. Cost effective Software with all the features of existing CAD Software available in the market. No learning curve for user because it comes with same keyboard shortcuts like AutoCAD.

Patel Hemant

Excellent drafting software This software has excellent drafting functionality and compatibility with AutoCAD file formats and interface. Its perpetual licensing and license transfer capability make it an excellent value for small companies. AutoLISP compatibility is also excellent, but customization via other programming languages does not seem to be supported.

Norman Gonsalves

The Best Alternative to any leading CAD Software, I have downloaded trial version of ACTCAD2018, and worked for 30 Days, it is simple easy to use and very economically price a great relief to all Small scale enterprenuer's and freelance professional, now everyone can buy at ease, Thanks to Actcad India for bringing such wonderful software to India.I primarily got it to teach myself lisp.

Vasudeva Yaragatti

The best Cad software I ever used with an incredible price. Very easy to learn, Straight forward if you know major CAD brand. Simple and intuitive interface. Has all the features that I look in a CAD software. The support is excellent, the guys know the software and respond with a easy and clean instructions to help you.

Monica G.

Very used tool for design, drawing and modeling in 2D and 3D. easy learning, you can find information on the network for your learning, just enough to know about CAD programs to make it the most powerful tool in the market, has different predetermined electric blocks. In my opinion there are no bad points, low price, has a good support.

Jhon Jairo V.

The alternative to expensive Cad software with the compatibility that you ever dream.Compatibility with dwg format. Similar commands, no need to learn again. Excellent support really fast and precise. Value for money layout and commands are similar to AUTOCAD thus learning curve is short. It appears to be faster than similar products.

Alejandro M.

ActCAD is a perfect complement to my Civil 3D product, AutoCAD compatibility and commands, AutoCAD compatibility and commands, Handles images and underlays well, Supports AutoCAD file formats all the way back to the beginning, Support always gets back quickly with suggestions and solutions to issues

John crotia.

Virtually all the facilities are available in this software like others, and, the cost is quite affordable. In addition to this, we get quick support from the ' support team '. Functionality vis a vis , cost effectiveness. It is exactly suitable to my requirements. Very reasonable for the quality of product and service.

Prashant S.

Act is a nice product to use for creating a data base. The CRM was nice for reminding you to do a function; email a follow up phone call. Great to use as a first time user. Rather than keeping business cards, You can enter all the information into their software program. eMails keep you updated with the newest versions.

Michael R H.

In General it is an equivalent alternative for AutoCAD ; it is light, reliable and satisfy the needs. The software is small ; no need for heavy installation and heavy computers to Run on it. it is satisfying our daily needs for a detailing software You are not buying a street of houses to own this excellent software.

Tarek G.

ActCad is very suitable for working in 3D Geometry because its fast to get to the point with very accurate results. There is a wonderful 3D Platonic Order to the infra-structure of DNA that many big scholars just see as chaos. I can recommend ActCad for researching these discoveries.

Paul M.

Great cad software to use for any business needing this software Ease of use once you get into it and start drawing up designs. My daily use of this software is from creating designs and products to be manufactured that havent been created or produves by other manufactures. Im using it for three different trades in the construction industry.

Daniel K.

Fantastic Software and Cost Effective. It is very familiar , very similar to AutoCAD. It is very reasonably priced. The other beauty is that it is portable between different computers. I am not yet fully using it, but will be now, because I am also using Draftsight at the same time. In the long term I will fully migrate to ActCAD.

Ali M.

I really love ActCAD, it is a really good autocad substitute, it is much cheaper, and comes with almost every type of functions you need for basic engineering designs, plus It is faster than simmilar programs in the market. I really love ActCAD, it is a really good autocad substitute, it is much cheaper.

Luis L.

ACTCAD is easy to use and powerful. I have not needed any customer support so I can not rate that. I like the ease of use and the fact that it is similar LT. I also like that I can import ACAD drawings or DXF files into drawings. The help function is good.This is the only CAD that you need for work.

Douglas W.

I'am beginner in ActCAD, but I'am very satisfied already! I discover great (for me) new software! It's very easy for use. It has great icons! Shortcuts are great. Also ActCAD have great price! Support is also great! It's great tool for my job! The most I like about this software is Pricing it means Valu for Money.

Marin J.

Thanks for such a fast response! I'm very happy to be working with you all instead of Autodesk or many many many others I've had nothing but let downs with. Your program Rocks! And your customer service Rocks! If there is any way I can help get the word out and help you, please let me know! 100% Love what you all have going on!

Dustin Cole.

ACTCAD is easy to use and powerful. The menus are easy to use. For the cost it preforms well. It is easy to get used to and preforms as expected. Sometimes it can be a little to get used to as to how the commands are being used. Once you understand it gets easier. I do HVAC design and some building design. It works well for what i need.

Steven S.

Very similar to AutoCAD in features and functions, but less bloated with things you don't need or want for everyday CAD use. Has worked perfectly for me, but I'm not a high-end user. Customer support is excellent. They helped me with an odd problem getting it to work at first, and getting it to work with my printer. The price. Very reasonable for the quality of product and service.

Tom K.

It's OK. I just couldn't seem to get through to the "pay money" area. Somehow, that third time through I got to the next screen which shows a summary of "things ActCad has about Lance now", and the next screen was credit card things. Great package by the way. I looked at about a dozen. The thing I really like about ActCad is the Command Line, where I can quickly type in commands such as DDATTE, or EDIT, etc. It's still faster that selecting Icons for me. Not all AutoCad related packages do that Command Line today.

Lance Bailey.

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