ActCAD Network License User Guide

ActCAD Network Licensing allows license floating between LAN connected computers. One NFL (Network Floating License) license key will allow one ActCAD client to work at a time in the network. For example, if five NFL keys are purchased, you can use ActCAD in any five computers at a time in LAN which are launched first. If ActCAD is closed in one client machine, the license will be transferred back to the ActCAD Network License Server (NLS) and it can be used by some other computer in network. Thus, license will float between the NLS and client machines automatically. All you need is LAN connection (internet is not required). We support both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connected computers

  • ActCAD Network License Manager (NLM) program is available inside ActCAD install directory. No need to install the server separately. Any regular computer can be used as ActCAD Network License Server. NLM will issue available licenses to clients on demand and get them back when ActCAD is closed in any client computer. This network communication is automatic Double click on "ActCADNetworkLicenseManager" file to launch it from the location shown below:
  • Click on Activate license keys from ActCAD NLM and complete the activation process with purchased ActCAD NFL Keys. There is no limit on number of license keys for activation. At least one NFL key is needed for activation. Activation is needed when using NLM first time in a particular computer.
  • Once activation is completed, you need click on Start Network License Server. You can split the purchased licenses if you want to use them in multiple networks.
  • After activation, click on Start License Server to show the available licenses as below:
  • In ActCAD Client computer, open "ActCAD install directory/bin" folder through windows explorer. Delete any files in this folder, and create a text file with name serverip.txt in that folder. Enter the IP address of ActCAD NLS server in this file and save. After that start ActCAD in this computer and it will open if license is available at NLS.
  • When you press on button "Refresh License Data", ActCAD NLM will update the details of license availability and active computers using the licenses as shown below:
  • When ActCAD is closed in any client computer, the license will be transferred back to NLS. Now this license is available for use by another computer in the Network.
  • All ActCAD network usage details are recorded in a .xls file inside "bin" folder. You can use this excel file to generate your own reports about ActCAD network license usage. The usage log can be seen by pressing Open Usage Log Dialog in the Network License Manager as below:
  • This web page will be launched if you press Network License Guide in the Network License Manager Dialog box
  • If you want to buy new licenses you can click on Buy Licenses button of NLM.
    To stop the licenses from this server, click on Stop License Server from the Dialog box. Please make sure to save all your drawings in client computers before stopping the server to avoid any loss of work.

Important Points:

  • * ActCAD Network License Server (NLS) will run in silent mode always.
  • * ActCAD Network License Manager (NLM) can be opened and closed anytime without disturbing the NLS
  • * You can Start and Stop NLS from NLM as and when needed
  • * NLM dialog need not run while using NLS in backend
  • * ActCAD is supported on Windows SERVER OS.
  • * Any normal computer with Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 OS can be used as ActCAD Netowork License Server.

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