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IntelliCAD is an alternate CAD platform meant for horizontal and vertical solutions development for the commercial members of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC).

ITC is a member-driven non-profit Technology Organization operated from Portland, USA. The Directors, members and developers spread across various parts of the World. You can find more information about IntelliCAD history here.

IntelliCAD Download

IntelliCAD Technology Consortium

ActCAD is one of the commercial members of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium with active participation in development, new release planning, bug reporting, code donations etc.

The advantage of ActCAD is it always uses the latest version of IntelliCAD engine to bring the enhancements to the CAD users in the market.

You can select any of the below variants during download:

Please note that there is a slight difference in Standard versions of IntelliCAD and ActCAD. IntelliCAD Standard does not offer Ribbon style interface in either x64 or x86 variants.

But in ActCAD Standard there is a provision to use either Classic Interface or Ribbon style interface in both 64bit and 32bit variants.

IntelliCAD Download is not directly available form IntelliCAD website and they normally recommend the user to download from their member websites based on the end applications.

However, in some instances, you can have IntelliCAD download from the main website site on special request to check the features of core IntelliCAD engine.

IntelliCAD download is available in two variants viz., IntelliCAD Professional and IntelliCAD Standard.

ActCAD Software:

ActCAD Software has many improvements, settings and new commands on top of core IntelliCAD engine to enhance the productivity of full pledged CAD users.

Again, ActCAD is available in both Professional and Standard variants to meet the requirements of users based on their applications.

ActCAD IntelliCAD Download is available with all features and functions of core IntelliCAD along with all the settings, commands, features and functions from ActCAD.

The initial software will be fully functional for 15 days and a request can send to us to extend trial period further. The users get free technical support through email during the trial period (and also after the purchase).

ActCAD also offers various API packs for below software versions along with corresponding IntelliCAD Version:

Please note that ActCAD (IntelliCAD) API Download kits are not directly available for public download as they do not work independently. They work only with the corresponding version of ActCAD/IntelliCAD.

You need to contact us to get the private download links to above-mentioned API kits.

Below are the unique advantages of ActCAD software which is based on the latest IntelliCAD engine:

  1. Many features and functionalities added to enhance productivity
  2. Added many add-on tools like pdf to dxf converter, image to dxf converter etc.
  3. Added Express Menu with most popularly used commands and tools
  4. Heavy customization of the user interface and aliases to keep the learning to a minimum extent.
  5. Flexible Licensing system with provision for Self-license Transfer
  6. Network license option is now available
  7. Free technical support
  8. Huge collection of Block Symbols and user-friendly Block Library manager.
  9. Regular enhancements and bug fixes
  10. Regular addition of new features and functionalities

IntelliCAD Download comes with some important built-in packages like VC++ 2010, VC++ 2012, .NET Framework 4.5 and many other supporting files and libraries.

Even though the package size is very small compared to competitors. ,we use high speed and Content Delivery Network (CDN) with multiple global mirror servers to ensure smooth ActCAD or IntelliCAD Download.

All the payloads will install automatically without much user interaction and option selections.

ActCAD is available in nearly 16 International Languages as of today. We are adding more and more languages to facilitate localization. It is another advantage in ActCAD that all these languages are available in one package itself.

We regularly update the latest version for IntelliCAD Download.

As of today, ActCAD is available with below major version releases, corresponding IntelliCAD versions mentioned for easy identification during IntelliCAD Download.

IntelliCAD Download:

All the above versions are available in both Professional and Standard versions (and in 64bit & 32bit variants). We will be adding more new versions as and when IntelliCAD new engines are available.

Apart from these regular versions, ActCAD 2017 also has a Classic version which meant for Windows XP users. We use IntelliCAD 8.0a technology for this particular version.

It is a legacy version not under active development but continued for Windows XP users. All other ActCAD/IntelliCAD Download versions need Windows Vista or above operating systems.

You need to contact ActCAD separately if you wish to download ActCAD 2017 Classic / 8.0a version of IntelliCAD Download. Normally we keep the latest versions of ActCAD only on our downloads page.

However, you can reach to us if you need the download links to any previous version released by us. premium edition, 3d cad software, drawing tools, dxf file, 2d and 3d, file formats, cms intellicad, dwg dxf, compatible cad software

A Simple Block inserted from ActCADBlock Library with a direct double click on it from our huge collection of Block Libraries.

It is important to note that there are no technical limitations in trial versions of ActCAD or IntelliCAD Download. They are fully functional during the trial version without any deviations from final versions.

If something doesn’t work in the trial version, it won’t work in licensed versions also. There are no separate builds available for trial and licensed versions.

ActCAD is fully a try, believe and buy kind of software, feel free to ask us for trial extensions if you need more time for evaluations. Ask us any number of questions during the trial period before you make the purchase decision.

Please get your IntelliCAD Download below:

Please note that we do not provide any technical support on ActCAD or IntelliCAD API toolkit. Once You have downloaded, read the documentation and try the programming yourself.


Many CAD users are interested in IntelliCAD Download to see its features and functions. However, IntelliCAD Technology Consortium directly does not sell IntelliCAD and encourage its site visitors to have IntelliCAD Download from its commercial members websites.

ActCAD is one of the old and active members of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium. ActCAD offers the latest version of IntelliCAD Download in its products.

There are many features and functionalities added in ActCAD on top of core IntelliCAD software. ActCAD offers free technical support on all its products for a lifetime. All ActCAD licenses (as of today) are perpetual and valid for lifetime.

Free Trial Without Limitations