Best CAD Software for Professionals of 2019

Best CAD Software:

Best CAD Software, Which is the best and what should be the reasons to look at the Best CAD Software, It is a matter of concern. In this article, We would be discussing the topmost reasons to find the Best CAD Software and the advantages of CAD.
Not a new terminology in this technical era.  But it is wise to know the things again.  CAD Full form stands to be Computer Aided Design. The essential and integral software of any engineering firm justifies the CAD software definition.

CAD Software:

CAD Software was a revolutionary development which succeeded penning down imagination regardless of Automobile models, Construction Plans, an Electrical circuit configuration of building etcIt stands out to have many benefits to an individual or to an organization.
It has several benefits which are perceptible and some benefits which may not be visible but eases the work and other processes. With the use of CAD Software, there were huge improvements in development and production processes.
Some benefits were not visible but it had a direct impact on the production quality.
There was an improvement in the quality of the product, reduced stress factor on designers and also there was a tremendous change in controlling over production process as well as the design process.
CAD Software also helped in maintaining electronic documentation of design as well as its analysis.
Helped the CAD users for faster output and increased productivity at the stipulated time. So for all this kind of work environment, there has to be the best match of CAD software with the organization work.
In this article, we will be discussing the Best CAD Software that can adapted to bring out the best from the organization.

Benefits of the Best CAD Software:

  • Accurate designs
  • Fast, precise and flexible
  • Setting the measurement units and setting your scale automatically
  • No separate overlays required,  CAD can draw in the same file with Layer option such as  draw different detailing with many layer properties such as line type, line weight, color etc
  • Drawing strictly according to drafting standards
  • Dimensions for the drawing could modified and with tedious manner, the size and resolution of the drawings could changed
  • CAD Software helped to enhance the documentation process; easy to store and use it any time without any unwanted hassles
  • CAD Software reduced the product development cost and also helped shorten the design cycle.

With the development of software, the above-listed benefits achieved but now the question arises for choosing CAD Software. In today’s scenario, we have around 200+ software readily available in the market.

CAD Software market has been growing enormously with huge participants namely AutoDesk AutoCAD, IntelliCAD and BricSys etc which have a huge turnover annually.

These companies bring out their best CAD software to simplify and streamline the Designing and manufacturing processes.

Some of the Best CAD Software available (Alphabetically) :

  1. ActCAD
  2. AllyCAD
  3. AutoCAD
  4. BricsCAD
  5. CMS IntelliCAD
  6. G Star CAD
  7. NanoCAD
  8. ProgeCAD
  9. TurboCAD
  10.  ZWCad

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This kind of variety available excites a CAD User but at the same time confuses it to come to an apt conclusion for choosing the best one for its use.
Choosing the Best CAD software will take up-to many hours as there is plenty of readily available CAD Software.
And it becomes even more peculiar if the CAD user is unaware of the best advantages of the CAD Software or do not need knowledge in choosing the best one at first sight.
Selecting the right one would play an important role in the whole design process as the rest depends only on the both; the CAD Software and the designer himself.
The CAD user then compares and analyses different CAD software and makes a decision to own the CAD Software.  The comparison based on certain criteria which suit him the best which listed in this article.


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Top 5 Criteria to choose the Best CAD Software:

  • Need Assessment 

The first criteria for choosing the perfect CAD Software should based on whether the software available, assesses your requirements or needs.
As discussed earlier, CAD Software is now available with dedicated packages separately for mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects, electrical engineers and for other CAD Consultants.
But the user has to classify himself and his work to choose the right one.
Several CAD packages are also available that proclaims the work state in the software itself. If the user is most in need of parametric modeling and designing, then he would be in search of the best 3D modeling software.
Similarly, the saga continues for choosing the best CAD Software package based on the work and utility.
  • Budget or Cost Criteria

    Different software available comes with different price tags. Here again, the CAD user has to calculate his investment based on three parameters.

    The budget available to purchase is also segmented corresponding to the organization categories such as Small Scale Industries, Bigger Manufacturing Industries, and individuals.

Are there any other hidden charges?

Some of the CAD Companies with there price tags on their software never mention their costs which may be chargeable later and the user penalized extra for those functionalities.

For example, software Support package is sometimes charged extra and the user when in deep trouble searches for support penalized for the same.

The user has to be smart enough is analyzing the costs related to technical support as it comes of utmost importance when you are stuck in the middle of something whether it may related to drawing or it may related to licensing.

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ActCAD has a dedicated technical support team which provides apt technical solutions for free. They do not charge anything extra for technical support packages.

Even they provide free of cost tech support during their trial periods. You can evaluate its fully functional trial version for 15 days by clicking on the link provided.

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  •  Any up gradation costs for the cad software?

With the time lapse, there are future requirements in the software and the same done by the software companies with their upgraded versions.

They come up with enhancements in functions, fixing some prevailing errors in the latest versions. So for the CAD User, it is also a matter of concern to judge the up gradation cost if any so that at the time of up gradation he is comfortable enough to bear the cost.

Some of the CAD companies have their policies of making an upgrade to the existing CAD package annually and they keep the term mandatory for the user to upgrade their existing CAD Package to the latest version.

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ActCAD has kept no boundations and no complication in its up gradation clauses. It has rested all the decision for future up gradation in the hands of individual CAD User.

The CAD User is thus not forced to upgrade to the latest version and it is his sole decision for doing so. And the cost for the same is also not very high as compared to other software. (The full amount of the software package charged to the user for upgradation by some companies).

ActCAD charges about 30-40% of the latest software cost as the upgradation cost.

  • How effective is the investment in the cad software?

Corresponding to all the factors discussed in the budget criteria, the user analyses his cost expenditure and compares the same with other available software to get the Best CAD Software.

In my opinion, the budget factor plays the highest importance in selecting the best CAD Software as the investment made by the firm determines its return on investment and the profitability of the software.

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So the CAD User has to analyze the expenditures, investments and all other monetary criteria to plan out and grab his suitable.

  • Technical criteria

Regardless of the above-cited concerns, the technical aspect of the CAD Software also has the same weight while deciding to chosen for the work. The technical criteria can judged by the following points.

  • Technology Used in best cad software:

The CAD Packages available should be providing the user with the latest technologies so that it won’t get obsoleted after several years and ensures a good performance.

The latest technology used provides the user with the latest set of features which prepare a platform for the user to perform dynamically.

  • Performance of the best cad software:

With the technology used, comes the aspect of performance. A good performance ensured by the CAD Software can have many intangible advantages like the faster completion of the job, tension free user, reduction of production time etc.

The Software if working smoothly, dynamically with high efficiency marks the software with a good performance. So the user has to take up some trail evaluation before coming to the conclusion based on performance.

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Many CAD software that is available may be using different technologies but it would be a smart move if you are going with the latest technology.

IntelliCAD also nests many member products but the point of discussion should that which CAD Software uses the latest among them all.

IntelliCAD released 8.4a CAD Engine recently (probably 10th OCT 2017), but none updated to the latest engine except one, ActCAD.

ActCAD announced its release of the 8.4a version on 12th OCT 2017 which enhanced its performance and enriched its functionalities. Similarly, the saga continued and ActCAD also incorporated latest IntelliCAD 8.4b CAD Engine package.

  • Licensing of the best cad software:

Another factor that plays a vital role in decision making is the License validity and licensing boundaries. The CAD Software has some tenures of their usage. It limits the user to work on the software for a limited period.

CAD software is also available with territorial boundations which allows the user only to perform within a certain region.

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Softwares come with four types of Licensing tenures.

1. Annual Subscription or annual rental:

In this licensing tenure, the software is only available to the user for the maximum of 1 year or 365 days. After that, the user has to pay an Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) and or pay the full software cost which is the latest available.

2. Software as a Service (SaaS):

In this licensing tenure, the user takes up the software on a contractual basis for some period of time. It is also called as Software plus Services.

3. Perpetual Licenses:

This is the kind of licensing system which is very cost effective and hassle-free. Its tenure lasts for a lifetime and in between no extra charges or AMC are asked by the CAD Companies.

4. Territorial Licenses:

In this Licensing facility, the user is able to use within the regional boundaries available to the CAD program. It gets locked or inaccessible if tried to access beyond the territory.

It is better to choose software in which you don’t have any obligations for licensing irrespective of time and location.

You just have to pay the one-time amount while owning at just have to work on the CAD to bring out the best for the organization without minding any boundaries for use.

ActCAD comes with a perpetual as well as a globally valid license which provides a platform for the organization to use the CAD anywhere in the world.

It also has a Self License transfer Mechanism which enhances the work for the user and provides flexibility in shifting his license from one PC to another without any count limitation. You can perform this act unlimited times as per your convenience.

Have some left out work at your office? Worried about the stipulated time for completion of the job?

Worried about how to complete the work only at the office rather at any other place of your convenience?

Mistakenly formatted your PC with the activated license? Then choose the best CAD Software, ACTCAD.

ActCAD stands out to be the only Software developed with this kind of powerful licensing mechanism and such flexible Licensing.  cad programs

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Features and Commands in the Best CAD Software:

You are using must be compatible with various drawing file formats. Here are some features and commands which the user should judge upon.

  • Commands:

The Command list should also updated to the latest trending command set. This is very robust and dynamic.

It changes on the demand from the user. So the Best CAD Software should updated to the latest possible CAD features and commands to give the user their freedom while working on the software.

It should be highly customizable, supporting different computer programming tools so that the user has no limitations in its work. He can perform to any extent freely and accordingly. This is one of the significant features.

  • Compatibility:

The Best CAD Software should be compatible with all the versions of  DWG and DXF. From the old R2 drawing files to the latest file format, all should be accessible through it.

And also the availability of the developer to keep on modifying the product to become compatible with the latest trends.

  • Interface:

CAD users work on various backgrounds. But the thing they do not like get it changed is the CAD Software Interface. They become acquainted with that stereotype interface as they have to produce a lot in the stipulated time.

So if the Software provides them with the familiar interface and no special learning curve for the software. Then it may considered as the Best CAD Software.

The interface provided to the user also has to be easy and simple to understand, self-explanatory.

  • Powerful Design Tool and editing tools:

Best CAD software must contain the best set of designing and editing tools. So, that the user feels comfortable performing his job perfectly.

Designing and editing bring extra enhancements to detailing and visual aspects.

  1. Text Styles
  2. Color book
  3. Capture and import CSV points to DWG and vice versa
  4. Extracting Block Attributes
  5. Importing User Interface Customization files
  6. Commands and aliases customization etc.

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These are some of the tools that would provide a platform for the CAD user to excel his output expectations. Come up with a productive output for the firm.

  • Productivity tools: 

The Best CAD software ultimately is the primary need for any production or manufacturing unit. But the concern comes, how much the
Best CAD software is efficient enough to enhance the performance level. What extra factors and inbuilt features it should own to do so?

So the CAD user has to be decisive enough while making a conclusion on features. He should be able to identify the feature-rich Best CAD Software so that he is future ready with his investment.

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  • Updates and Enhancements:

Should have the system to frequently update the software and works dedicatedly in enhancing the software.

Should have rich Technical Support Team which constantly works on development of the product and communicates efficiently about new releases.

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This really motivates and encourages the user to have faith and indirectly the CAD Companies win the trust from user. The user feels confident about the product and hence feel satisfied while using it.

Choosing the Best CAD Software may be a huge task, but the best and getting the satisfaction of efficient investment.

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CAD software’s development was an important act on manufacturing, designing and production industry. Software helped the engineers in presenting their jobs accurately with precision.

It also helped to keep and managing documentation process very sorted. This reduced the cost of production and eased the work of a designer. Choosing the Best CAD Software really turns out to be the most important and vital investment for a firm.

Many software is available in the market, but picking out the right one is the smart move. IntelliCAD has been nourishing many software but the one I find to be the Best CAD Software is ActCAD.

As said earlier about its licensing mechanism and being feature-rich, helps it stand from the rest and I have chosen.

It also has dedicated development team with best of work on cad programs as per user need. Corresponding to all the factors discussed above.

Sarthak Patra

A Civil Engineer Graduate from Trident Academy of Technology. Currently working as Senior CAD Engineer and Sales Executive for Asia-Pacific Region for ActCAD LLC, USA