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ActCAD CAD Software Licensing

ActCAD offers Global Licensing on all its cad software versions. Licenses can be purchased any where and can be used anywhere in the World. Our unique License Transfer mechanism allows you to shift your license from one computer to another with a single click. Install the software on multiple computers and float the license between them irrespective of their Global location.

actcad intellicad cad software

ActCAD Self-license Transfer

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ActCAD Activation Window

actcad cad software program

ActCAD License Key Activation

actcad best autocad alternative software program

ActCAD License Deactivation

ActCAD software can be installed in any number of system and the license can be transferred from one computer to another without any limitations on number of transfers. This feature will allow the user to get maximum software program utilization at different global locations.

Please note that internet connection is required for License Activation and License Deactivation. The computers need not be connected in LAN and can be anywhere. We use internet protocol for License Handling.

ActCAD Licenses are available in below options:

  • ActCAD Professional - 64bit & 32bit
  • ActCAD Standard - 64bit & 32bit
  • ActCAD Classic - 64bit & 32bit

ActCAD Licenses are same for both 32 bit and 64 bit. The same license keys can be used either 32bit systems or 64 bit systems. They can be changed at any point of time.

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