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actcad intellicad cad software advantages


ActCAD 2019 CAD Software License Options

ActCAD License Mechanism

  1. Perpetual and valid for life-time, future upgrades are optional.
  2. Licenses are valid at any Global location, buy anywhere use anywhere.
  3. Self License Transfer between computers unlimited times. No need to uninstall and reinstall the software.
  4. There is no need to fill the form data from second time, data will be captured automatically.
  5. Deactivation:In ActCAD, simply type the command LICENSETRANSER and press enter. It will automatically complete the deactivation process without asking any other details.
  6. License key will remain same for 64bit and 32bit versions. You can use different versions on different computers and use same license between them.
  7. One license will work only in computer at a given point of time.
  8. Internet connection required during Activation and Deactivation.
  9. No need to connect the computers in LAN network.
  10. We do support OFFLINE ACTIVATION also, but License Transfer won't work in this case.

actcad intellicad cad software

ActCAD Self License Transfer

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ActCAD Activation Window

actcad cad software program

ActCAD License Key Activation

OEM Licensing

actcad intellicad cad software

  1. ActCAD offers OEM Licensing with white labeling your own brand name.
  2. ActCAD will create a custom installer with your brand name for resale at your own price.
  3. You can customize and add additional modules using our API toolkit.
  4. Registry entries, install folder name and About Dialog will carry ActCAD brand name.
  5. ActCAD and IntelliCAD copyright notes will be shown on Splash screens during software startup.
  6. You can use ActCAD licensing technology and there won't be any additional charge that.
  7. There is a minimum license purchase initially and for every quarter.

Please contact us for further details.

Corporate Licensing

actcad intellicad cad software

  1. ActCAD offers Corporate Licensing for large installation basis.
  2. ActCAD will issue a single Corporate License Key with desired activations limit.
  3. Software can be used at one more global locations of customer.
  4. Customer can take advantage of Self License Transfer tool shift licenses between locations.
  5. ActCAD Corporate license will provide best utilization of software licenses at multiple locations.
  6. ActCAD will offer priorty Technical support to its Corporate customers.
  7. Our corporate license packs start from 25 and above.

Please for further details.