ActCAD Features

License Transfer

We can transfer the license from one computer to another without limitations

Hole table

It provides detailed information about each hole, such as its position (coordinates), size (diameter or dimensions), depth, tolerance, and any additional notes or specifications related to the hole.

Table Export

Table export/import in CAD enables transferring tabular data between CAD software and other formats/apps, facilitating data exchange for design attributes, specifications, and metadata, streamlining collaboration and interoperability.

Super Hatch

It create custom hatch patterns with complex shapes, images, or gradients, enhancing the visual representation of objects within drawings.

Spline Fit

IT create a smooth curve that passes through a set of specified points or vertices. It involves fitting a spline curve to the given data points, ensuring that the resulting curve passes as closely as possible to each point while maintaining smoothness and continuity.

Visual Styles

wireframe or shaded modes, influencing the level of detail and realism for design visualization. They allow users to adjust rendering settings to match design requirements and preferences..

Project Geometry

creating new sketches or objects based on existing geometry within a design. It involves projecting lines, points, or other elements onto a new sketch plane or surface to aid in the creation of additional features or components.

Data Extraction

retrieving specific information or attributes from drawings/models, aiding tasks like BOM generation, quantity takeoff, and reporting for efficient design processes and downstream activities.

Geometric Center

the point that represents the average position of all the points in a geometric shape, such as a polygon or a solid object. It's calculated based on the coordinates of the vertices or defining points of the shape, providing a reference point for various design and analysis tasks.

Quick Properties

modify object properties directly from the drawing area, streamlining workflow by eliminating the need for the full Properties palette.

AEC Style Manager

AEC Style Manager facilitates the management and customization of architectural styles for efficient and standardized design workflows.

FMB Import/Export

It enables the seamless transfer of FMB (Feature Manipulation Engine Binary) files, facilitating interoperability and data exchange between different CAD software platforms.

Hatch Preveiw

It provides a visual representation of hatch patterns before they are applied, allowing users to preview and adjust settings for better design accuracy and efficiency.

Angle Find

It enables users to accurately determine angles between lines, objects, or points within drawings, facilitating precise measurements and alignments in the design process.

Advanced Blocks

Transparently convert Dynamic Blocks to Advanced Blocks and moreover, using the block editor, you create and edit Advanced Blocks using parameters, actions.

Rubber Sheeting

New functions for image editing (Raster Design). Use rubber sheeting when you want two or more different data sets from different sources to align geographically

Generative AI Drawing Translator

Powered by Generative AI , the new ActCAD text translator for drawings, uses the translation engine by Google AI to translate all or part of your drawing, into any language.


(Change Block Base Point). Change the insertion point of the selected block and all its instances in the drawing, without moving the geometry.


(Insert Point Coords). Write coordinate values near the selected point entities. It is possible to configure the data type that will be reported in text.


Display or hide the frames of all images and wipeouts. This command controls the settings of the IMAGEFRAME and WIPEOUTFRAME system variables.


Display or hide the frames of all images and wipeouts. This command controls the settings of the IMAGEFRAME and WIPEOUTFRAME system variables.

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