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Features Standard Professional Prime
All Regular 2D Drafting Commands
3D Mesh/Wire frame Modeling
ACIS 3D Models Viewing
ActCAD PDF Printer
PDF to DXF Converter
Image to DXF Converter
Latest IntelliCAD 10.1a engine
Block Library with 5000 symbols
Create & Edit Tables
ACIS 3D Models Editing
Audit Drawings Tool
Capture CAD points to CSV
Change Numeric Text Values
Extract Block Attributes to Excel
Import Points from CSV
Create P&ID Label Text
Create Hole Tables
Export Text to CSV/Table
Numbered Markers
Table Export to CSV
Support for .RVT Files
Support for .RVA Files
Support for .IFC Files
RVT File Overlay
RVA File Overlay
IFC File Overlay
ADT Objects - Doors, Walls, Windows, Roofs, Slabs etc.
Steel Sections
3D Stairs
Get AEC Section Views
Get AEC Elevations
Convert Polyline to Wall
Extra Tool Palettes for BIM
View Rotation with Right Click
Convert ADT objects to 3D Meshes
Other Products :
  • ActCAD CNC Profile Cutting
  • ActCAD Nesting
  • ActCAD Rail Road Sections
  • ActCAD Dials & Scales
  • ActCAD CAM Post Processors
  • ActCAD Maps Add-on
* We are proud to add Uganda as 90th Country in client base list. Thank you Emmanuel Abwaza for choosing ActCAD 2022 Standard software for your projects. (Dt.: 27-May-2022)

* The Ministry of Women and Gender Equality of Chile has selected ActCAD Prime for their projects. We are grateful to them for choosing ActCAD. (Dt.: 09-May-2022)

* Delmont, a 135 years old "The Original Plant-based food company" in the USA chooses ActCAD Professional software for their Engineering Projects. (Dt.: 12-Apr-2022)