Marin Zuric


In General it is an equivalent alternative for AutoCAD. it is light, reliable and satisfy the needs.

The software is small no need for heavy installation and heavy computers to Run on it. it is satisfying our daily needs for a detailing software

Luigi Bestetti


Great choice for working with dwg files.

In the panorama of alternatives to Autocad, I deepened the Intellicad world and I decided to try Actcad also for the very favorable cost, I also wanted the possibility of using the Cad on multiple computers and this was a prerogative of Actcad. The clean interface and continuous updates make Actcad a software that keeps up with the technical evolution. Fast and professional assistance, maximum attention to the customer even with only one license.

Mariusz Ostrowski


Its innovative product on ITC Intellicad Technology engine 8.4a for CAD, civil engineers, designer.

The program offers the same functions as much more expensive products. He has a perpetual license, not some subscription. There are no great hardware requirements, but on strong equipment it develops wings. Supports 32/64 bit Microsoft Windows systems at Windows Vista. It has a multilingual interface.Very good price, modern services and functions, good producer support and frequent updates. It has an interface similar to AutoCAD

Dinkar Saxena


A good product... with ease of operation with excellent customer support

Value for money Layout and commands are similar to AUTOCAD thus learning curve is short. It appears to be faster than similar products.Cost reduction and faster oprations.

Douglas Williams


ACTCAD is easy to use and powerful. I have not needed any customer support so I can not rate that.

I like the ease of use and the fact that it is similar LT. I also like that I can import ACAD drawings or DXF files into drawings. The help function is good.

Alejandro Marrero

New Jersy

The alternative to expensive Cad software with the compatibility that you ever dream.

Compatibility with dwg format. Similar commands, no need to learn again. Excellent support really fast and precise. Compatibility with dwg PDF support Fast loading

Sridhar P.


Excellent. Most of the functions are already very familiar, That made my task very easy.

First, it's ease of use. Second, it's wide functionality. The third one is its affordability (i.e value for money spent) and The Fourth one is their support. Their support staff are easy to reach and fast in sending their responses.

Kirtesh Gandhi


ActCAD is a good CAD software. However, many a times it gets hanged and data gets lost.

Normally users are well trained with AutoCAD. ActCAD command line is similar to AutoCAD which is user friendly. No more additional training are required for ActCAD.

Veera Netru


Very prompt customer support. Apt CAD Software for my projects.

Easy and similar user interface. Easy to use. Very light weight and good performance CAD. I can easily view my electrical circuit CAD drawings. Electrical Blocks are also available.

G Prapulla tej Reddy


A good lightweight CAD software.

In the myriad of CAD Software with huge pricing, it is not affordable for all. But fortunately I got aware of this CAD and went for owning the License. Meets my work needs. Liked the product.

Andrew Young


In General it is an equivalent alternative for AutoCAD ; it is light, reliable and satisfy the needs

The software is small ; no need for heavy installation and heavy computers to Run on it. it is satisfying our daily needs for a detailing software

Prashant Sane


Nice experience and is virtually at par with the similar software, existing previously in the market

Virtually all the facilities are available in this software like others, and, the cost is quite affordable. In addition to this, we get quick support from the ' support team '

Varun Reddy


Lighting fast cad software and awesome support to boot. The best value in terms of price and support.

Access to all the features that I use from Autocad at a much better price point. Very short learning curve The best customer support team in the industry

Sandeep DK


Act Cad is very helpful in achieving our needs. We appreciate it !!

I like it has got all features. I like its uncomparable pricing offers with out compromise. More importantly we never felt any issues while using till now. Cost is the foremost benefit. Other benefit which is equally important is affordable to everyone. Hassle free from monthly subscription.

Patel Hemant


It's a good program considering other CAD Software available in the market. They should work on some.

Very cost effective ,Life time license,.dwg compatible,Can support any version file of AutoCAD. Block library is there. Cost effective Software with all the features of existing CAD Software available in the market.No learning curve for user because it comes with same keyboard shortcuts like AutoCAD.

Keith Akkerman


It is a good substitute for other better known proprietary cad software.

Do not have to subscribe and operates like the higher priced software from a user standpoint. Home projects are a breeze. I primarily got it to teach myself lisp, but haven't devoted time enough for that yet.

koya Pavan


I am using ActCAD 2018 version. I wanted to let you know that you are the best team for technical support

Native DWG & DXF file formats (R2 to 2018), Many improvements, commands, and features supplementing IntelliCAD 8.4a , Very Familiar Interface, commands, and shortcuts - Easy to use , High speed & Smooth Performance , Available in both 64bit & 32bit , Available in Professional & Standard Versions , Supports Windows XP (Only Classic Version), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 , Global Validity of Licenses , Self-License Transfer - unlimited times

Norman Gonsalves


Excellent drafting software

This software has excellent drafting functionality and compatibility with AutoCAD file formats and interface. Its perpetual licensing and license transfer capability make it an excellent value for small companies. AutoLISP compatibility is also excellent, but customization via other programming languages does not seem to be supported. Support via forums and email also seems very limited.



In my opinion, ActCAD is the best of the IntelliCAD-based programs.

As a practicing Architect (for 38 years) over the past 20 years, I have tried most CAD programs. AutoCAD dominated my profession for decades. No longer. With the advent of the IntelliCAD consortium, there is a spate of excellent CAD programs that use similar or identical commands as AutoCAD. In my opinion, ActCAD is the best of the IntelliCAD-based programs. Their technical support is superb and their management is professional and efficient. They pay attention to their growing user base and make frequent updates and upgrades. The cost of ActCAD is less than ProgeCAD or CMS-IntelliCAD. It's a great value and my go-to CAD program.



A true value for money

A truly value for money CADware for both the beginners and professionals. Everyone can CAD now...Thanks ActCAD!

Miroslav Marekovic


Great progression since I try it in the first time.

I can claim, that ActCAD is great CAD software, much better than the price would suggest. Great progression since I try it in the first time. Getting very near to "The big one".

Santhosh Kumar


Now the time has come to finish the monopoly of Autodesk.........

The best software as per my experience as a civil engineer as it is very affordable and gives satisfactory results. So cant compare it with AutoCAD. Now the time has come to finish the monopoly of Autodesk.........

Sarthak Patra


Best CAD Software. Evaluated, liked and owned. Recommended to all CAD Users.

A good product from IntelliCAD. Its self-license transfer mechanism comes very useful to me. It is smooth, lightweight and very powerful. No worries for licensing and pricing. Very economical and efficient.

Vasudeva Yaragatti


The Best Alternative to any leading CAD software

The Best Alternative to any leading CAD Software, I have downloaded trial version of ACTCAD2018, and worked for 30 Days, it is simple easy to use and very economically price a great relief to all Small scale enterprenuer's and freelance professional, now everyone can buy at ease, Thanks to Actcad India for bringing such wonderful software to India.

Aris T


Best CAD Software ActCAD, Really Satisfied

I am really satisfied although I used it only for measurements. I hope to buy in the future