Technical Support

Existing ActCAD customers can use our Self-help moudle in Client Login area. ActCAD Self-help module will provide instant answers to all regular questions. This module will save your time without the need to submit support ticket and wait for reply. In Actcad self-help system, you will be able to select the problem category and sub-category. Once you submit, you will get all questions and solutions related to selected category and sub-category. We have added videos and images wherever needed so that you will understand the solution easily.


Support Process

We address all the support tickets within 24 hours except during weekends and holidays.

Direct Support
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* We are proud to add LEBANON as 91st Country in our client base list. Thank you Carlo Hoyek for choosing ActCAD Software for your Engineering projects. (Dt.: 08-Aug-2022)

* We are proud to add Uganda as 90th Country in client base list. Thank you Emmanuel Abwaza for choosing ActCAD 2022 Standard software for your projects. (Dt.: 27-May-2022)

* The Ministry of Women and Gender Equality of Chile has selected ActCAD Prime for their projects. We are grateful to them for choosing ActCAD. (Dt.: 09-May-2022)