What is OEM CAD Software License?

ActCAD offers an OEM cad software license for core IntelliCAD engine with re-branding if you are looking for white-labeled CAD software. You can keep your own product name for your internal use or resell in the International market. It is a cost-effective method to launch your CAD software in a quick time frame. Registry entries, install folder name and About Dialog will carry ActCAD brand name. OEM builds normally take a one-week time frame.

What you get from us?

Once we sign the OEM license agreement and receive the payment, we will provide you a custom installer file. It will install the software with your brand name and show the name on the top address bar inside the software. You have to provide splash screen images to display them during the software launch. Please note that Splash screens should show copyright information of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium as well as Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. About box of the software will show ITC and Jytra copyrights.

About Source Codes

We do not provide any source codes to OEM partners. You will get only a compiled Installer file as a package.

About Licensing Technology

You will get ActCAD Key Based Licenses for OEM Licensing, if you need other licensing types, there will be extra charges.

Technical Support

ActCAD provides free email technical support to all our end customers and OEM partners. We will allow you to access our online resources to get some self-help.


You own the copyright of your Product brand. However, the technology copyrights below to all our partners like IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, 3D Spatial, Amyuni, Visual Integrity, ODA, etc. All technologies implemented from our end will belong to Jytra Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

End User Pricing

If you resell the re-branded product, the end-user prices must be equal to higher than corresponding ActCAD products. You cannot sell the products at lower prices than our online store. There is no higher limit on pricing.

OEM Software Features Options

You can choose any of our products for OEM CAD licensing. Further, you can choose to get only core IntelliCAD engine or ActCAD features also along with the IntelliCAD engine. The OEM CAD software pricing depends on the modules you choose in your end product.

API and customization capabilities

We provide an API toolkit package along with all our products including OEM CAD software. You will be able to develop your own add-on programs and ship along with our OEM CAD software. There are no additional charges for using API and selling your own add-on programs.

Pricing Terms

There is a minimum license purchase requirement to become our OEM partner. There is no obligation to buy licenses every year.

Version Support

All updates in the purchased version of IntelliCAD (say IntelliCAD 9.2a) are free of cost. Future upgrades are not possible for OEM licenses unless you get new builds from us by buying a new set of licenses. Once you get builds with the new version, then you will be able to upgrade your previous users also to the latest version.

Extra Features & Commands

OEM license will include only core IntelliCAD engine as it is. ActCAD value addtions, commaands, modules, features etc. will not be included in OEM licensing.

Feel free to contact us for any further information.

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